College BuildingBHH Degree College for Women, Guntur is an offshoot of Hindu   College and High Schools Council, started in the year 1991, imparting education to exclusively women.  The College offers various combinations in Arts, Commerce and Sciences including Computer Science.  Since its inception the Managing Committee has taken keen interest in the progress and development of the institution so that proper academic atmosphere is provided in the college.  Besides this the College has fulfilled all the requirements stipulated by the inspection commission of Acharya Nagarjuna University.


The premier status of the institution is made possible by sticking to our core-principles of student-focus, Human Resource Development and emphasis on total quality.  Training the students beyond the defined borders of the curriculum is a basic emphasis, the college dearly practices. The College practices the modesty of looking for new starting lines than be content with the finishing lines reached.  We admit, we have miles and miles to go before we complete our mission.