“Yatra naaryantu  poojanthe Ramante Tatra Devatha

            PrincipalSays a famous Sanskrit verse.  It means God’s rejoice where the Women is venerated. B.H.H Degree College for Women, Guntur, is established basing on above principal as the college focuses to develop Hindu ethos & culture among students. The vision of college is education and empowerment of young women for their transformation into responsible citizens. We intend to see girl student not only intellectually enlightened but also emotionally balanced and socially committed.

                It is my humble duty to introduce the college, as the college started its debut in 1991 as an of shot of H.C. & H.S. council, Guntur.  The college imparts education to girl students not only in the traditional streams of Arts, Commerce and Science but also in the modern streams of computers & I.T.

             The college has completed 22 years in the realm of imparting higher education to girl students. It has made significant and unparalleled contribution to the society in terms of producing numerous dignitaries’ scholars, intellectuals and sports persons who served different domains not only in our country but even at International levels.

            The college has built up an impressive infrastructure over the years.  It includes a well- stocked library, 02 computer laboratories, 06 Science laboratories and one language laboratory.  The college has a lecture room containing LCD projector which caters to the needs of increasing number of our students including PH students. The calm, serene atmosphere and the magnificent building premises defiantly touch the visitor’s soul.

               The college provides a number of scholarships and Endowment Awards for the benefit of meritorious and needy students.  It contains a Bank of India branch in its premises thus providing ATM and Banking facilities for the students. Our college has placement cell which provides employment opportunities to the graduating students through campus recruitment.

              I am glad to welcome all the fresh students to Bandlamudi family.  Join us in our endeavor of striding towards excellence in all spheres of activities with zeal and enthusiasm, which adds to the glory of B.H.H Degree College for Women, Guntur.

Dr.B.Kowsalya Devi ,MPhil,Phd,