Profile of the College Library


LibraryA library is the fountain head of knowledge. It is a collection of the intellects of generations of genius. It is a source of solace and delight to those who are thirsty of knowledge. A library caters for all kinds of knowledge enthusiasts. It does not take into consideration race, religion, caste, status, sex or age whenever the person approaches it. Here knowledge is free and is thrown open to axis of everybody who is desirous of acquiring it.

 The history of the library takes back to the Egyptian civilization when lovers of knowledge inscribed information on mud tablets dried and backed them to preserve them for the posterity. This was called the tablet library. Later the library had undergone many revolutionary changes. Writings on animal parchment, writing on Palmira leaves which were preserved in big pots, writing on papyrus were some milestones in publication of knowledge to be placed to the axis of public: Now the latest form of library is the Electronic Library. Books are dispensed with monitors, C.D’s, V.C.D’s, film rolls. Internet connections. On-line libraries etc. constitute the modern library, saving incredibly enormous storing place and the odious burden of preservation from various dangers that the upkeep of books is brought with.

 The College library was started in the year 1991.

 Up to the academic year 2017-18 our library consists of

Text books – 7000

Journals – 725

Magazines – 75

Among them Encyclopedia of Britannica, Encyclopedia of America, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Every man’s Encyclopedia, Macmillan Encyclopedia, popular Science Encyclopedia, American Education Encyclopedia, Oxford Encyclopedia, Chambers Encyclopedia, C.P. Brown English and Telugu Dictionary, Cambridge History of English literature, Oxford Encyclopedia Dictionary, Cassell’s Encyclopedia of Literature, Amara Kosam, Andhra Vachaspatyam, Sabda Ratnakaram, Surya Rayandhara Nighantuvu, Sangrahandhra Vignana Kosam, Hindi Sabda Kosh, Vedas, upanishaths, Bhasha Vijnam etc., are some rare and important books.

 In periodical section there are eleven News Papers and Thirty one Journals. Question papers of the university and the are compiled into bound books for reference to students to guide them in their preparation for their examinations