“Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody.”
― Jane Austen


                    Dr.Sri B.Vijaya Bhaskar GaruB.H.H Degree College for women, Guntur started in the year 1991 as an extension to the present B.H.H Girls High School and B.H.H Junior College for Girls.  B.H.H Degree College is not merely an educational institution, it is a symbol of ethos, the principles we stand for and deep rooted cultural values. It is the manifestation of morals that are dear to us. The Institution continuously seeks and adopts new methods to sustain and enhance the quality of higher education. It promotes freedom of thought, innovation and creativity which are essential for academic excellence. During our successful our journeys of 22 years thousands of students have been graduated from this Institution with Bachelors, degrees.

                         The campus has a multi-ethnic atmosphere with students from all corners of the district. Experienced and learned teachers are the strong pillars of the Institution. The high standards set in the field of teaching spur us in our relentless pursuit of excellence. The institution seeks to provide experiential learning through application of knowledge to new challenges and establish a healthy society by imparting proper values and inducing self confidence in the youth. The institution is committed to creating an ambience for fostering innovation and creativity. We strongly support interdisciplinary research and development for the benefit of Society.

                          The philosophy of B.H.H Degree College for women has been to give back to the society a fully developed individual who can understand and accommodate to withstand all turbulences of life without forgetting Hindu ethos and culture… Our enthusiastic team of Management is strong in its conviction and highly motivated which is eager to pass the same to the students and faculty. The success of any organization depends on the faculty. Our college employs the best faculty as far as possible to develop the student.

                        T o enhance students’ learning opportunities and experiences, the Institute organizes a myriad of activities such as industry visits, community outreach initiatives, cultural events, bazaars, sports activities and Student Council that students can engage in and be part of the Education. We urge every student to make the best use of the time at College, by using our offerings to its fullest potential.

                             At this juncture, we rededicate ourselves and it is our constant endeavor to stimulate to upgrade the teaching and learning facilities and infrastructure that are conducive to simulative academic environment. We welcome you to B.H.H Degree College for women and assure you that your graduate education would be as enterprising experience as you expect.

Dr.Sri B.V.Vijaya Bhaskar Garu